Who is coaching for?

The areas to work on are absolutely individual and include Career, Personal Growth, Business, Relationships, Finances, Health and Wellness.


Coaching will help you to realise your life purpose and true values, to eliminate limiting beliefs and gain confidence, to get unstuck and stop running in circles, to resolve an exhaustive inner conflict and see its root cause, to restore the important connections and energy sources, convert your dreams and intentions into goals and achievements.

If you have more questions please find the Coaching 101 page here.

Artem Petsyukha

coaching & mentoring

I coach and mentor business people and artists, entrepreneurs and executives, change-makers and leaders, who want to be more efficient, fulfilled and happy, who want to change the world and embrace the change, who stay open and keep searching.

What clients say

"I wish I had learned about coaching earlier. Not only it helped me to get a better job. I now live a more fulfilled life."

"Some questions were so deep and painful that I wanted to cry. Thanks to Artem for holding a safe and comfortable space."

"Coaching was a real eye opener for me. Finding my true self was priceless. I feel confident and empowered now."

"I was skeptical about coaching but only till the first session. I could not believe all the answers suddenly coming out."

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