For as long as I remember I have always been adventurous, creative, curious and always asked a lot of questions. Who could have thought these skills would become a foundation of coaching later. With that profession yet to appear I had to start my career as a journalist when I was 17. Writing quickly became addictive and mastering the language was a pure joy. Though nothing is forever and new times had come. Computers and internet looked great.



I have created websites including the award winning regional portal and helped bringing innovative technologies to Russia in 1990s and 2000s. I had a unique experience of changing the payments landscape, bringing virtual bank cards, digital wallets and mobile payment solutions like ApplePay to the market in 2010s. Enhancing my experience I have now started coaching and mentoring. I will definitely bring this to 2020s and further. What inspires me in working one-to-one, is seeing that instant change of emotions, hearing the subtle shift of voice and feeling mindset transformation. As they say at Mastercard, it's priceless.



I gained my Masters in Strategic Management way back in 1999. I also had a good number of sporadic but quite useful corporate trainings including my all-time favourite MBTI and DISC as I remain interested in human psychology for a long time.​ My most recent education experience includes online MBA from London School of Economics, the Mindfulness course by Leiden University and the Co-Active Coaching Program The Coaches Training Institute. The CTI story is foundational for the coaching world and their training program is one of the most respected.



I lived in Moscow, Russia for many years and moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2016. I loved geography in school and now it is time to visit all those locations across the globe. I have been to some of the most remote places like Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, Patagonia and Svalbard. With nearly 60 countries visited I have a long list of places yet to be explored. Every year I try to add a new country to my list, fly at least to one new airport and take a new ferry route.



My passion for adventure brings me to places I would not even know about otherwise. It is impossible not to take a picture when you drop your jaw, and it is amazing how many details you notice when look for a perfect shot. I love shooting in manual mode as it makes me think about the picture. Though it doesn't really matter what equipment is used as long as the place, the moment and the light are all together just right. Landscape and water in all forms are my most frequent subjects. Nature is so magical.


Artem Petsyukha