How do I know if coaching can solve my problems?

As they say, coaching is not about solving problems but the problems will get solved. Coach won't tell you what to do but you will understand what to do. Coaching helps you to figure out  where you really want to go and make the first steps. Keep in mind though, it is your commitment that will be required to make the journey and accept the responsibility for results.


How do I choose the right coach?

Use sport as an example. The coach does not run for you but makes you able and ready to win the medal. Just ask yourself how would you choose a coach if you wanted to win Olympic gold. Would your coach be experienced and well-known or a promising student? An ex-champion or working as a coach? Speaking your language or a foreign one? A man or a woman? Cheap or expensive? The one you enjoy or struggle to work with? You may feel that some of the answers mean a lot to you and some matter a bit less, but what you probably care most of all is an effective training process and a result to be proud of.


Is coaching a form of therapy?

Coaching differs significantly and at the same time does not replace mentoring or therapy. Therapy usually looks into your past, finds the root cause of a certain pain, cures with a physical pill or a mental exercise. Mentoring or training is mostly a one-way road that gives you access to knowledge and experience of somebody who is better than you at something. Each of these two methods – therapy and mentorship – solve their specific tasks but usually neither of them helps you understand where to go or how to get unstuck though. You are supposed to figure it out yourself or copy someone else’s experience hoping that it’ll work for you too. We all know that sometimes it may not be easy. So the coaching brings exactly the missing piece – helps you finding where to go and identifying how to get there staying in line with your true values and life purpose.


What could the coaching experience bring?

From where you are now you will come to the land of Awareness, Clarity, Shift and Transformation. Regarding the topic you may come with, you will understand where exactly you want to go and see the steps towards your goal. Let me give you an example. You probably have the answers to all of your life questions but getting them clear in your head is not always easy. Or perhaps you feel stuck or running in circles so that even understanding where you want to be doesn't help you getting there. In both cases it is the power of coaching that will make you capable of moving ahead.


What result should you expect from coaching?

You will understand your life purpose and see how to better connect with it. It may be enough to feel the motivation again. You will figure out what your inner critic really wants for you. This may eliminate your hesitation. You will recognise the elements draining your energy and resources that give you power to achieve more. You will find your true values and figure out if some of them are in conflict. Sometimes that might have blocked your desired development in life. You will meet many of your false and true fears and understand their role in your life. Seeing what is actually holding you back is critical for moving ahead. There are other possible results and side effects. It is up to you how you use them.


Does every coach have their own working model?

It would be fair to say that every coach is a unique blend of their experience, skills, personality and coaching background. I have chosen the Co-Active model for its key pillars and approach but their two cornerstones resonated with me deeply. One was the focus on the whole person rather than a problem or a topic. Another was trust that all people are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. It may sound simple but I believe it is so true.


You can read more about the Co-Active model on the CTI website.