How many sessions and how frequently will they be required?

There is no standard answer. Usually sessions are twice a month but could be adjusted for your individual needs. It is unlikely that two clients will have identical topics and calendars. I propose to start with a free introductory call. Then we can plan a full 1.5h discovery session. An initial package will include six 1h sessions in three months. Many clients continue for a further three months.

What should you consider before we start working?

You will be sent a link to the questionnaire after the introductory call. Please return it at your leisure but no later than one day before the discovery session. I can guarantee confidentiality at all stages – before, during and after the session or even years later. Trust is crucial to make the sessions work for you. Coaching as a profession won’t exist otherwise.

What should you do during the session?

Most importantly, be honest and open with yourself, please do allow all range of emotions, stay curious and willing to unfold the story. Remember that you are in control. Tell me if something worries you or there is a question or a suggestion. No need to wait till the session is over. Just be yourself for your own benefit.

What exactly will the coach do?

I will mainly listen and ask questions, focus on your agenda, use intuition to reframe the view, feel and acknowledge what’s going on inside you, propose metaphors to anchor certain emotions and thoughts. I may also suggest a certain after-session activity to boost your self discovery. Of course, there are more details to mention but I do hope that you mostly care about those desired changes in your life, happy mornings and fulfilled days.


Does the coach lead the session?

In a coaching relationship the coach and the client cooperate and remain equal. Keep in mind that coaching is as effective as you allow it to be. You'll have to take ownership and responsibility as a client, that's important. Nobody can choose the topic, establish the objectives and appreciate the results on your behalf. Also don't hesitate telling me at any moment if something doesn’t work for you. I am intuitive but your feedback is essential. It will increase the effectiveness and overall success of your coaching sessions.

What if you don't feel comfortable?

Greatest "aha!" moments will happen out of your comfort zone. Some questions may be extremely uncomfortable, painful or even provoking but they have the ultimate purpose of bringing you where you really want. With this idea in mind, I hope that you will allow me to prioritise results over comfort during the session. You may also feel certain sensations in your body. Don’t be surprised if they are noticed, acknowledged or asked about.


What happens between the sessions?

You will notice that the power of coaching is very present if not stronger between the sessions. What comes up and reveals to you in the coaching session will continue to brew after you leave or finish the call. Ideas will keep coming and the insight might strike a day or a week later. The coaching session itself is only an exploration place and a catalyst for a change. The space between the sessions is designed to allow that real change to happen.

Is coaching always face to face?

I am happy to offer face to face coaching in Dublin. It appears though that in certain occasions a Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp call might be more convenient. Sometimes a remote channel with or without video is the only option. My experience shows that the results and effectiveness of coaching rarely depend on the format or the technical communication method itself. Many coaches confirm that “audio only” works even better for their clients.